RC Robots and Animals

RC Robots and Animals

Touch Screen and Remote Control Dog Talk Story Sing Dance Action Programmable Speak English Bone Erosion RC Robot Dog Children`s Toy Friend

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  • All four limbs can move: the front and hind limbs of the dog are designed with independent motors, with bionic concept and real image. It can easily make various movements through the remote control.
  • Various actions can be performed: bionic limb actions, under the control of a new generation of smart chips, various interesting and funny bionic actions, easy to achieve with a key.
  • Master of singing and dancing: the puppy can not only sing and dance, but also dance. With cool dancing skills, baby will swing up and down.
  • Storytelling for learning English: The system has upgraded the functions of narration and English speaker, which can comfort the child through narration and learn to speak English while playing.
  • Intelligent interactive question: Click the question button, and three questions will be asked in sequence, and you can choose to click the answer button to ask the corresponding question. Be careful not to answer the wrong question!
  • Coquetry snore for sleep: press the "coquetry" or "sleep" button on the remote control and the puppy will respond and act accordingly.
  • Touch head interaction: Touch head design, touching the barking head, the puppy will respond accordingly, which is very fun and interesting.
  • Low Battery Reminder: Puppy will automatically remind when the battery is too low using USB smart charging, universal for multiple devices.
  • Intelligent Action Programming: Through the remote control, press the programming button and press multiple desired action buttons. Once completed, the puppy can perform several actions continuously.
  • Interactive feeding game: The puppy`s mouth and each accessory are magnetically attached. When the accessory is close to the puppy`s mouth, it will automatically attach to the puppy`s mouth and a reminder will sound.
  • New generation of smart chips: equipped with a new generation of smart chips, bionic design, so that the puppy can react and act quickly and sensitively, with powerful performance.
  • Brand Name: Tccicadas
  • Origin: China
  • Recommended age; Width: 4-6 years old
  • Build Status: Ready to use
  • Barcode: No
  • Charging Voltage: 110-240V
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Design: Dog
  • Max speed: no measure
  • Certification: 3C
  • 3C: Type
  • Type number: K11

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